About the book

Nursing Assessment Resources by Renee Anderson & Andrea Sullivan is the result of a  desire to create and integrate open educational resources as primary materials in BScN education and a grant offered by the Open Educational Resource Development Grant (OERDG) program from Thompson Rivers University Library and the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT).

Special thanks goes to Leon Racicot (TRU Media Services) for filming and editing of videos, to Jon Fulton (Open Learning) for support with transcribing and IT support and to Christine Miller (coordinator of OERDG) for  support for the entire process.

How to Use This Book

This book is designed with a BScN student in mind because the authors are nurse educators primarily with BScN students. We anticipate these resources can be used to support practical nurse education as well.  The content  focus is learning about nursing assessment and follows a head to toe approach familiar to many nurses.

The book contains resources in different formats including video links and H5P activities. We hope others will use these and put their own creative spin as they continually strive to provide quality educational resources that support student learning. We suggest providing students access to the resource (s) with the link.


It is the responsibility of any health care professionals using this book to take all appropriate safety precautions and to determine best practice unique to the patient and the context of the situation. The authors do not assume responsibility for any injury or damage to persons or property pertaining to the use of the material and information in this resource.

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Nursing Assessment Resources Copyright © by . All Rights Reserved.

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